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9 of the most bizarre animal mating habits

By: Bryan Nelson on June 18, 2013, 12:39 p.m.

Photo: dracophylla/Shutterstock

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Male bowerbirds are the ultimate home designers of the animal kingdom. To woo a lover, they build elaborate, colorful shrines — called "bowers" — for their potential mates. The bowers are often decorated with bright objects, the colors of which typically vary depending on the species. Bowers have been found built with anything from flowers, berries and seashells, to plastic beads, coins, broken glass or even rifle shells.

A female then chooses her mate based on his artistic prowess. Because females can be quite picky, males have to step up their game. Bowers are often embellished and intricately adorned. Check out this video of a male bowerbird in action to get a glimpse of just how painstaking these bowers can be to build.