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9 of the most bizarre animal mating habits

By: Bryan Nelson on June 18, 2013, 12:39 p.m.
Kissing lorikeets

Photo: Anna Norris

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Strange love

Mating is pretty much what it's all about for any animal that reproduces sexually; Animals that don't mate won't pass on their genes. So you'd think that evolution would have made sex easy, right?

Nope. The truth is, mating is often fraught with perils and deception for many creatures. Some animals must perform wild antics just to impress their mates, while others are born with odd ornamental body parts. Still others risk being eaten, often by the very animal they're trying to mate with!

If you think your local dating scene is awkward, wait until you read about the sex lives of these creatures. Here are nine of the most bizarre animal mating habits found in nature. (Text: Bryan Nelson)