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What kind of chickens should I get?

By: Catie Leary on Sept. 10, 2011, 8:33 a.m.
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Colorful eggs

If you want to go beyond the average white egg, consider a breed known for its egg color. (Who said multicolored eggs are just for Easter?)

For dark-brown eggs that almost look like chocolate, go for a Maran. A Welsummer chicken also produces brown eggs, but these are a lighter than the eggs of a Maran. If a light-blue tint is more your style, Aracaunas and Ameraucanas (which also have slate-blue legs) are great choices. Finally, there are Easter Eggers, which are classified as any chicken with the "blue egg" gene that is not recognized to be a part of the Aracauna or Ameraucana breeds. These chickens, as you guess from the name, produce eggs that range in color from blue, green or even pink.

Just keep in mind that eggshell colors have no bearing on the quality or taste of what’s inside. A white egg should taste about the same as a blue egg.