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7 exotic pets wreaking havoc in the wild

By: Michael d'Estries on April 21, 2017, 10:47 a.m.
Snakehead fish

Photo: Brian Gratwicke [CC BY 2.0]/Wikimedia Commons

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Snakehead, native to parts of Asia and Africa, are quickly making themselves at home in North America.

Discovered in Maryland pond in 2002 (pdf), the species has since been spotted in states such as Virginia, California, New York and Maine.

Not only can they grow over 3 feet long and weigh more than 12 pounds, but they also have the unique ability to migrate short distances over land thanks to specialized gills. Some have been known to flop on wet land to neighboring bodies of water. The species' population is difficult to control as it lacks natural predators and its females are capable of releasing more than 75,000 eggs each year.