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Green Dog of the Year Contest Gallery 1

By: Meredith Darlington on Jan. 8, 2010, 10:27 a.m.
Honey, cocker spaniel

Photo: Tim Brown

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Honey, cocker spaniel

The main thing that makes my dog green is chlorine from pools because her hair is blond. Just kidding, my dog Honey is green because she no longer eats the cheap dog food with lots of filler and by-products. My dog is on a healthy, organic, natural diet consisting of meat, vegetables, and calcium from egg shells and bones. Since she started this diet, no bags have been purchased, so less garbage is being created. She has lost her excess fat and has trimmed down to a very healthy weight. Her allergies have lessened, and her energy levels have increased. My dog is a green dog by lowering the amount of garbage created and by not eating the junk that is in low cost dog food.