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Green Dog of the Year Contest Gallery 14

By: Meredith Darlington on Feb. 5, 2010, 11:21 a.m.
Honey, Shiba Inu mix

Photo: K. McCadden

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Honey, Shiba Inu mix

A sassy City Girl born and raised on Chicago's south side, Honey the Adventure Dog moved out to the country to live in a "Buy Fresh Buy Local" community, and now puts her Green Powers to use sniffing out sources of solar, wind and hydro power in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She follows "Leave No Trace" ethics on trail to reduce impact on the natural environment, chews only grass-fed free range cattle knuckles and reuses empty dog food bags for trash to keep her territory litter free. She wishes her family would recycle the cats to a different home, since they are an energy drain requiring much chasing.