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Green Dog of the Year Contest Gallery 5

By: Meredith Darlington on Jan. 18, 2010, 2:33 p.m.
Ginger, pug

Photo: Cristine Dolbow

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Ginger, pug

Litter Control Solved! While walking down the street Ginger picks up trash and doubles it for a toy! Instant recycle! A pug after my own heart! She has also allowed me to cut down on electricity at night. My little "Pug"-in heater! Curled up under the blankets next to her mommy she provides enough heat to warm a sauna! But Ginger was not always a Green dog. She use to toooot- tooot- toot up a storm creating toxic gases in the air that had to be harmful to everyone and thing around. But now that she has changed up her diet to Eukanuba, well gas-be-gone! No more harmful toxins in the air! Her new diet also cuts down on daily waste saving numerous potty bags!