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Green Dog of the Year Contest Gallery 7

By: Meredith Darlington on Jan. 25, 2010, 10:46 a.m.
Jake and JoJo, Labs

Photo: Paula Adams

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Jake and JoJo, Labs

Jake and JoJo are watching Daddy walk to the store instead of drive. It's just down the street. Jake and JoJo are green because they drink water from the water saved in the shower while waiting for it to get hot. The cold water runs into a bucket and when it turns hot the dogs get to drink the cold clean water. Now, that is around 2 gallons a day so the extra water is saved in a large bucket for a week and they get a bath with what is leftover. They swim in the lake 3 times a week and always take out what they bring in so there is never a forgotten toy. We walk instead of ride!