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Hairy Houdinis: 13 animal escape artists

By: Bryan Nelson on Aug. 17, 2017, 11:07 a.m.
Karta the orangutan

Photo: Adelaide Zoo

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Karta the orangutan

Karta, an orangutan from Australia's Adelaide Zoo, is another example of orangutan ingenuity. The 27-year-old primate — who could apparently double as an electrical engineer — made her escape possible by jamming a stick into the wires that control her electric fence, short-circuiting it. Karta proceeded to pile up shrubs, roots and other debris to create a platform and scale the enclosure.

After an hour of freedom, Karta eventually returned to her enclosure just as easily as she had left it, much to the relief of zookeepers. (Perhaps she was just showing off?)

Check out a video report about Karta's wild escape here.