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Pariah dogs: 9 ancient and wild dog breeds

By: Jaymi Heimbuch on June 26, 2014, 12:55 p.m.
Indian pariah dog

Photo: Ryan.virgo/Wikipedia

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Indian pariah dog

Perhaps the epitome of pariah dog breeds is the Indian pariah dog, the landrace dog of the Indian sub-continent. Also known as the pye dog, pie dog, pi dog or INDog, it is thought to be descended from early dogs domesticated in China and brought west. The breed has been self-selecting for thousands of years, coming to its characteristic lanky build, tan or buff coat, and long upward-curling tail through its own devices. It is not a street dog or scavenging feral dog of mixed breeding as it is often mistaken. It is considered a distinct and pure breed, and one of the few pure breeds originating from India. Because it has let Nature’s rule of survival of the fittest run its breeding program, the breed is naturally healthy with very little care needed by those humans who do decide to have them as companion animals for guarding or hunting. They even lack a “doggy” body odor, similar to other wild dog breeds such as dingos and New Guinea singing dogs. Also as is the case with wild or primitive-type dog breeds, they reproduce just once a year.