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Rescued coyote pup's tale tells a story of trust

By: Jaymi Heimbuch on Jan. 27, 2014, 11:06 a.m.
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Not a pup anymore

Keeping Charlie tied up when she had to be away was a heartbreak for Stockton, knowing that he needed to be able to run, roam and explore. She battled with the idea of whether keeping Charlie was right. When her boyfriend, Mike, questioned her thinking, she knew letting Charlie go wouldn't happen. "I, too, had realized that Charlie had become so emotionally attached to me and to Mike and to Eli that it would, at that point, have been an act of cruelty to take him into the wild and leave him."

This is one of the serious dangers of raising a wild thing as a pet — the animal is stuck in limbo between its natural tendencies and its domestic experience and habits.