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8 species moving to cooler waters

By: Angela Nelson on Sept. 26, 2016, 6:15 a.m.
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Atlantic salmon

The Gulf of Maine is one of the fastest-warming parts of the world's oceans, the Portland Press Herald reports, and water temps are expected to rise another 5.5 degrees Fahrenheit by 2065. While that may seem like a long way off, warming seas are already affecting Atlantic salmon populations in the Penobscot River, Saint Croix River and the Miramichi River in New Brunswick.

"We're seeing declines over very large geographic areas, which points to some sort of factor out to sea, in the marine ecosystem," fisheries ecologist Katherine Mills of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute told the Portland Press Herald.

Mills says salmon likely are heading to deeper waters chasing their food source: capelin, which has seen its own population decline off Greenland and Atlantic Canada, where Maine's salmon go to feed.