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8 species moving to cooler waters

By: Angela Nelson on Sept. 26, 2016, 6:15 a.m.
Humboldt squid

Photo: NOAA Photo Library/flickr

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Humboldt squid

Humboldt squid once called the warm Pacific waters from South America to Mexico home, occasionally going as far north as California. However, the giant squid now migrates so far north it has been found off the coast of Alaska, according to National Geographic.

But occupying cooler parts of the ocean does something odd to these voracious predators. Scientific American reports: "The colder waters... delay their maturation and allow them to survive into the next year, giving them a two-year life cycle. But during this second year they continue to grow fast, meaning that by the end of their two years they attain much larger sizes. In fact, these climate events have triggered the establishment of large bi-annual groups of squid weighing 25 to 40 kg — ten times their normal size."