Can you guess the animal by its tail?

Guess the critter by the tail.
Photo: Jumnong/Shutterstock

Take the tail end of a hint and see if you know the answer!

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Ring-tailed lemur.
Photo: ehtesham/Shutterstock
Which creature sports this fluffy tail?

ring-tailed lemur.Photo: ehtesham/Shutterstock

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Photo: vkilikov/Shutterstock
To which aquatic animal does this tail belong?

Dolphin.Photo: vkilikov/Shutterstock

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Macaw parrot.
Photo: ehtesham/Shutterstock
Which species sports this feathered tail?

Macaw parrot.Photo: ehtesham/Shutterstock

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Photo: Mark Dumbleton/Shutterstock
Whose black-tipped tail is this?

Lion. Photo: Mark Dumbleton/Shutterstock

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Photo: Nikolay Hristozov/Shutterstock
Recognize this species' tail?

Beaver.Photo: Nikolay Hristozov/Shutterstock

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Photo: Luciano Queiroz/Shutterstock
Which species is this?

Anteater.Photo: Luciano Queiroz/Shutterstock

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Photo: Robynrg/Shutterstock
Does this feathery tail look familiar?

Pheasant.Photo: Robynrg/Shutterstock

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Photo: EcoPrint/Shutterstock
Which species sports this upright tail?

Warthog.Photo: EcoPrint/Shutterstock

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Photo: Studiotouch/Shutterstock
Which species has this standout tail?

Fox.Photo: Studiotouch/Shutterstock

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Armadillo girdled lizard
Photo: Rosa Jay/Shutterstock
Can you name this spiky species?

Armadillo girdled lizard.Photo: Rosa Jay/Shutterstock

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Photo: aspen rock/Shutterstock
What's your best guess on who has this fluffy tail?

Squirrel.Photo: aspen rock/Shutterstock

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Red Panda
Photo: Kent Akgungor/Shutterstock
What species has this unique tail?

Red panda. Photo: Kent Akgungor/Shutterstock

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white-tailed deer
Photo: Tom Reichner/Shutterstock
Who has this bushy white tail?

White-tailed deer. Photo: Tom Reichner/Shutterstock

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Photo: Albie Venter/Shutterstock
Guess what species sports this long tail.

Cheetah.Photo: Albie Venter/Shutterstock

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Guess the critter by the tail.
Photo: Jumnong/Shutterstock