Can you guess where these penguin species live?

Yellow-eyed penguin
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Not all penguins make their home in icy Antarctica. See if you know where in the world to find these penguin species.

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African penguin
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The African penguin is the only penguin species to breed in:

On the continent of Africa, there's only one penguin species. The endangered African penguin is found on 24 islands along the southwest coast from Namibia to Algoa Bay in South Africa.

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Galapagos penguin
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The Galapagos penguin is found:

We tend to associate penguins with ice, but the endangered Galapagos penguin lives at the equator on the Galapagos Islands. The species has the smallest breeding range of any penguin species.

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The erect-crested penguin is only found in:

This endangered species breeds on a couple islands off New Zealand — Bounty Island and Antipodes Islands. Individuals are sometimes spotted on New Zealand as well as the Falkland Islands.

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Emperor penguins
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Only four species of penguin breed on Antarctica. They are:

When you hear the word "penguin" you probably think of the South Pole, but only four of the world's 17 species of penguin breed there. The most famous of them is the emperor penguin, the star of the film "March of the Penguins."

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Yellow-eyed penguins
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The yellow-eyed penguin can be found:

This endangered species is considered the most rare of all penguin species, with perhaps only around 4,000 individuals left. Habitat degradation and introduced predators have taken a toll on the species.

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Humboldt penguins
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Humboldt penguins are only found:

This penguin species can be found off the coast of Peru down to about the middle of the Chile. It is named after the cold-water Humboldt current, which it swims in to find food. It is listed as a threatened species.

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Little penguin
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Little penguins, also known as blue penguins or fairy penguins, breed:

These tiny penguins are the smallest of them all, standing a mere 13 inches tall.

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Fiordland penguin
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​Fiordland crested penguins breed:

Found in temperate rain forest habitat, this species likes to nest in caves or under overhangs, at the base of trees or in dense vegetation. The Fiordland penguin is listed as vulnerable to extinction.

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Magellenic penguins
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Magellanic penguins are only found around:

If you think these penguins look like African, Humboldt and Galapagos penguins, you're on the right track. They are the nearest relatives to the Magellanic penguin species. These penguins are sometimes seen as far north as Rio de Janeiro.

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snares crested penguin
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Snares crested penguins only breed on:

As the name gives away, this species breeds only on The Snares, a collection of islands off the southern coast of the South Island, New Zealand. They are occasionally spotted off of Tasmania and southern Australia.

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Yellow-eyed penguin
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