Can you identify these animal patterns?

Animal patterns run the gamut.

The animal kingdom is filled with rich colorations and dizzying patterns. Given a close-up photo of an animal's skin or fur, can you identify what creature it is?

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Striped snake
What snake is shown here?

Sometimes knowing the difference in patterns can save your life! The snake shown is the harmless milksnake — but if the pattern had been red on yellow, it would be the venomous coral snake.

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William Warby/Flickr
Which big cat has the pattern shown here?

Cheetahs have solid, round spots, while leopards and jaguars have rosettes.

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Pattern on butterfly wing
Photo: Kenneth Dwain Harrelson/Wikimedia Commons
Which butterfly has this pattern?

Viceroy and queen butterflies look very similar to monarchs, but they are slightly different in pattern.

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Black and white polka dots
Wikimedia Commons
These polka dots belong to which animal?

Guinea fowl

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Round colorful spots
Wikimedia Commons
This colorful pattern belongs to which animal?


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Light stripes
Can you guess which this animal is?

Albino zebra

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Black and yellow pattern
Wikimedia Commons
What animal is this?

Giant pufferfish

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Blackish brown spots
Wikimedia Commons
What animal has this spotted pattern?

laced moray eel

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Wikimedia Commons
Which dog breed has this coat?

German Shorthaired Pointer

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Wikimedia Commons
This bold pattern belongs to which reptile?

Boa constrictors have pronounced brownish saddle-shaped bands on their cream-colored backs.

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Brown splotches
Wikimedia commons
Name the animal:

Masai Giraffe

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Vivid pattern
Wikimedia Commons
Which marine animal has this vivid pattern?


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Elephant skin
Photo: Valentina Storti/Flickr
This is the skin of what animal?


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Blue, yellow, black and white stripes
Wikimedia Commons
What bird is pictured here?

Blue and yellow macaw

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Jurgen Otto/Flickr
What creature is pictured here?

Peacock spider

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Wikimedia Commons
Which breed of cat has this pattern on its coat?

Bengal cat
While the other cats can have wild markings, Bengal cats have distinct rosette patterns similar to leopards.

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Yellow black spots
Wikimedia Commons
This bright pattern is found on what creature?

22-spot ladybird

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Animal patterns run the gamut.