Can you name the baby animal?

mother and baby giraffe
Photo: Sharon Morris/Shutterstock

There's no confusing a giraffe baby with any other creature. But some animal infants don't always resemble their parents.

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cute baby bird
Photo: sonya etchison/Shutterstock
What is this fuzzy little bird?

flamingo with baby Photo: Olgysha/Shutterstock

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swimming creatures with tails
Photo: oliver.dodd/flickr
What will these creatures grow up to be?

frog Photo: Joel Telling/flickr

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yellow furry monkey baby
Photo: Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock
Who is this baby primate?

silver leaf monkey and baby Photo: Phychua/Shutterstock

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furry white baby
Photo: Equilibrium Photographers/Shutterstock
What kind of baby is this?

grey seal with baby Photo: Nicram Sabod/Shutterstock

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newborn baby animals
Photo: Adam K Thompson/Zoo Atlanta
Any idea what these are?

mother and baby panda Photo: plavevski/Shutterstock

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white fluffy bird
Photo: ~Ealasaid~/flickr
Who is this white fluffball?

king vulture Photo: Avacados/flickr

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striped wild animal
Photo: gssavage/flickr
What is this striped animal?

wild boar piglets with mother Photo: Jarosław Pocztarski/flickr

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What is this little tyke?

kangaroo and baby Photo: Francesco Veronesi/flickr

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tiny newborn bird
Photo: Adelaide Zoo
What kind of bird is this?

palm cockatoo Photo: Adelaide Zoo

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baby ducks
Photo: Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
What are these little aquatic critters?

black-necked swan and baby Photo: Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

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What kind of flying creature will this caterpillar turn into?

black swallowtail butterfly Photo: Tony Alter/flickr

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fish eggs hatching
Photo: Monterey Bay Aquarium
What are these little hatchlings?

pair of clownfish Photo: Eric Danley/flickr

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mother and baby giraffe
Photo: Sharon Morris/Shutterstock