How well do you know birds?

tawny frogmouth
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You watch them at your backyard feeder and see them out on a hike, but how much do you really know about our feathered friends? Take this quiz to see how bird-savvy you are.

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Which bird is this?

One of the largest hawks and probably the most common in North America, red-tailed hawks soar above open fields, mountains, roadsides and maybe even your backyard. They hunt for small prey, mostly at night, and can be identified by their trademark cinnamon-colored tails.

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ospreys flying to their nest
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What makes birds unique?

Other animals lay eggs (hello, platypus) and not all birds can fly (we're looking at you, ostriches and emus). But the one characteristic that makes birds unique is their feathers.

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bird on a branch
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Name this bird.

This is the famous early bird that gets the worm. Look out your window and, if you live in North America, chances are there's a robin somewhere nearby. They love to sing early in the morning and are easy to spot because of their warm orange breasts.

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Which bird has the longest bill?

The black and white Australian pelican has the longest bill of any bird. The distinctive beak — which can measure up to 18.5 inches long — has a hooked tip and a pink or yellow throat pouch. The sword-billed hummingbird is the only bird with a beak longer than its body.

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blue and gray bird
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Which bird is this?

Found in brushy terrain, particularly in the Southwest, the Western scrub-jay boasts the same azure tones as his blue-coated counterparts. However, this lanky bird has a harsher call, unlike the blue jay's melodious song that's so familiar.

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bird's big eye
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Which bird has the biggest eyes?

The world's largest bird also has the largest eyes of any land animal. Each eye measures up to 2 inches across and comes protected with sweeping eyelashes. And with big eyes comes keen vision — ostriches can see at great distances, giving them an early advantage when danger approaches.

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brown bird
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Can you identify this bird?

One of the most common birds in North America, this graceful dove with the muted feathers is known for its lamentful song. Mourning doves have plump bodies, long tails and heads that seem too small for their bodies. You can find them almost anywhere except the deep woods.

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Which bird has the sharpest vision?

Raptors have incredible eyesight and researchers suspect they see two to eight times better than humans. Peregrine falcons likely rule the visionary roost. Under the best conditions, they can spot a pigeon (aka "dinner") from more than 5 miles away.

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jet black bird
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Name this bird.

These completely black birds are a common sight, often seen on the ground as they feed on insects, seeds, garbage and carrion. Crows are very social and often travel in huge flocks. They are intelligent, aggressive and inquisitive and will quickly learn how to raid garbage cans or find other clever ways to get food.

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blue eggs in a birds nest
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Which bird makes the largest nest?

Typically, the largest nests are the mounds built by Australia's mallee fowl which are up to 15 feet tall and 35 feet wide. However, according to Guinness, the world's biggest nest was built by a pair of bald eagles near St. Petersburg, Florida, measuring 9.5 feet wide and 20 feet deep.

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gray bird on a branch
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Can you identify this bird?

Some say these nondescript gray birds pour all their color into their personalities. They sing almost constantly, often imitating the calls of other birds. They will boldly defend against other birds, creatures or even humans who intrude on their territories.

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tiny decorative blue bird
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What is the smallest bird?

The tiniest bird is found in Cuba and the Isle of Youth. The male bee hummingbird measures just about 2 1/4 inches long, and half of that is his bill and tail. Females are just a little bit larger. This is believed to be the lowest weight for any warm-blooded animal, according to Guinness.

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Name this bird.

These sociable birds love their berries. They often gather in large flocks, passing berries back and forth until one of them finally swallows the berries whole. They often hover quickly, plucking berries mid-air, and they fly low over water, searching for insects.

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little boy holding his nose because he smells something bad
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What is the stinkiest bird?

Fortunately, there's not much of a chance you'll find one of these at your bird feeder unless you live in swampland of South America. The bird reportedly smells like cow manure. The cause of the odor is likely a combination of its green leafy diet and its funky digestive system.

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Can you identify this unusual bird?

Known for their interesting mating dance, male greater prairie-chickens inflate the orange sacs on the sides of their throats while moaning, stutter-stepping and raising ear-like feathers above their heads. The birds are uncommon and found only on a few areas of Midwestern grassland.

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