What do you call these groups of animals?

African animals at watering hole
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Depending on the species, there are different names for different groups of animals. Some of these names can get pretty weird! Test out your trivia skills for when to use 'colony' or 'congress.'

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ants with leaf
We'll start out easy-ish. What is a group of ants called?

If you've ever had your house invaded by these six-legged soldiers, you probably know that a group of them is called a colony. Though you probably shake your fist with wrath when you see they've made a highway across your kitchen counter.

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mustang horses
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What do you call a group of wild horses?

Just like a group of their tame counterparts, a group of wild horses is called a herd. A family group of wild horses, with a single stallion and his mares and offspring, is also called a "band."

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ape family
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When you're in the midst of a group of apes, you would call it:

It only makes sense, considering how clever apes really are. A group of apes can also be called a troop.

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lion pride drinking
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What do you call a group of lions?

As proud royalty of the jungle (or savannah...), of course a group of lions would be a pride.

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two badgers
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A group of badgers is called:

Ooh, the quiz just got harder! A group of badgers is called a cete, but family groups are often also called clans.

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What do you call a goup of starlings?

While the usual name for a bunch of birds is simply a flock, many types of birds and bird species have names specific to them. This is true with starlings, which are called a murmuration. The species is known for their spectacular mass flights, changing direction in unison like a ghostly cloud. While not called a "flabbergast," many viewers are indeed flabbergasted when they witness a starling murmuration.

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What do you call a group of sharks?

Some collective nouns are particularly appropriate considering the feeling you when you're among these creatures. And if you've found yourself in the midst of sharks, you probably are shivering. You can also call a group of sharks a school or shoal.

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cats by sea
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What label do you give a group of feral cats?

While "colony" is the more common term, a clowder is a more creative and equally true term. You can also call a group of feral cats a glaring, which seems suiting considering the look cats are expert at doling out.

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What do you call a group of venemous snakes?

Though they look like they're tangled in an impossible knot, a large group of vipers is called a nest. No matter what you call it, it's a place you don't want to be!

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What do you call a whole lot of salmon as they swim by?

They may lack feet, but a whole lot of salmon is still called a run. (Though we're pretty sure a group of marathoners is not called a "swim," just FYI.)

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What do you call a group of owls?

We wouldn't blame you for thinking this is a hard question or that the answer seems incorrect, because owls actually have a ton of collective nouns including a wisdom, study, bazaar, brood, congress, diss, eyrie, glaring, hooting, looming, sagaciousness, stare, or stooping, plus other names for specific species of owl. Yeesh! But most commonly, a group of owls is known as a parliament and for sanity's sake let's just leave it at that.

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What is the name for a group of zebras?

Sure, you could go with the standard "herd" but we like the term that's specific to zebras because they are, in fact, dazzling creatures. Another great term for a group of zebras is a "zeal." But we still like "dazzle" best.

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What do you call a whole lot of locusts?

Even if a cloud of rampaging locust cause a famine, the collective noun is still a "plague."

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What is the name for a group of crocodiles?

Considering that when we usually see a lot of crocodiles together, they're busy basking in the sun, this collective noun makes perfect sense.

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What is a group of whales named?

Quite a few marine mammals have "pod" as their collective noun, including whales, dolphins, seals and walruses.

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What is the name for a group of quail?

You can have a covey of quail and you can also have a bevy of quail. Either way, you have a lot of quail.

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What do you call a group of river otters?

River otters are famous for their playful demeanor, which is why the word "romp" is perfect for them. You can also call a group of river otters a lodge and (oddly, like quail) a bevy. Meanwhile, when otters are out in the water swimming together, they're called a raft.

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group of kangaroos
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What is a group of kangaroos called?

Kangaroos have a few different collective nouns, each of which are quite different. They can be called a troop, a mob, or a court. We'd think that their iconic bounding stride would have factored in to at least one of their collective nouns but, sadly, nope.

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What name do you give a group of porcupines?

Any of these seem appropriate, but the official collective noun is a "prickle."

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And for the bonus point, what do you call a group of ravens?

A group of crows is called a "murder," but a group of ravens is slightly upgraded in connotation, to an "unkindness." Sadly, though, these brilliant corvids still often have a bad rap when it comes to bad luck or ominous happenings. But really, they can be quite kind if you get to know them.

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