What do you call this baby animal?

lion cub
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A baby animal usually has a particular name. Most of remember that a baby lion is a cub, but do you know when a baby is a pup, a kit, a cub or something else entirely? Even if you don't know what to call them, you won't want to miss their cute photos!

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A baby mallard duck is a:

A young duck, or one still covered in downy feathers, is called a duckling.

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cheetah cubs
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A baby cheetah is a:

Just as with the other big cat species, babies are called cubs.

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baby porcupine
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A baby porcupine is a:

A porcupette is born with soft quills, which harden after a few days. So even though they're adorable, don't try to pet one!

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baby geese
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A baby goose is a:

Many baby birds have names more specific than simply "chick," and the goose is one of them. The term goose (as well as geese, gander and gosling) come from Old English gōs.

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baby fish
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Baby fish are called:

When juvenile fish are old enough that their swim bladders are operational, their yolk sac has almost disappeared and they can feed themselves, they're called fry. Later, as fish get older and develop scales, they are called fingerlings because they are usually about the size of a finger.

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baby bat
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A baby bat is called a:

Bat pups are born hairless and cling to their mothers or, when their mothers are out hunting, to the roost walls or roof. Most species grow up quickly, and can be weaned off their mother's milk in one to two months.

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baby hawk
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A baby hawk is called a:

This was a tough one! Eyas comes from the Old French niais, which means "bird from the nest." Eyas can refer to a young hawk that hasn't yet fledged from the nest.

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baby kangaroo
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A baby kangaroo is called a:

A baby kangaroo is called a joey, but don't worry if the other names sound familiar. An adult male is called a jack (or buck or boomer), while an adult female is called a jill (or doe or flyer). And all kangaroos are colloquially called roos.

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baby deer
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A baby deer is called a:

Deer young are known as fawns. However, for some of the larger species, including elk, a baby is called a calf. And for the smallest species, a baby is called a kid. But in general, if you say you spotted a fawn, people will know you mean a baby deer.

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baby alligator
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A baby alligator is called a:

Because they hatch from eggs, it makes sense that baby alligators are called hatchlings. They're called this until they reach about 1 year of age, when they are referred to as yearlings, and when they grow to four feet in length, they are called subadults.

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baby spiders
Baby spiders are called:

As you may recall from the popular children's book "Charlotte's Web," baby spiders are called spiderlings.

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baby owls
A baby owl is called a:

Owlets are young owls, and sometimes the smallest owl species are also referred to as owlets throughout their life cycle.

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baby goats
A baby goat is called a:

Judging by how adorable baby goats are, the next time someone calls you "kid," accept it as a compliment! If "geep" sounds familiar to you, it's because recently an extremely rare goat-sheep hybrid, or geep, was born, making international news.

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baby foxes
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A baby fox is called a:

Baby foxes are called kits, but don't be confused if you also hear about the kit fox, Vulpes macrotis, which is a small species of fox in the Southwest. Just think: fox + kit = little!

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baby boar
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A baby boar is called a:

A baby boar goes by a number of names, "shoat" being just one of them. A baby is also called a farrow or, more familiarly, a piglet.

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baby pronghorn
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A baby pronghorn is called a:

Pronghorn is a species more closely related to goats than deer (though it is often called an antelope), but like deer, the babies are called fawns.

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baby koala
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A baby koala is called a:

The young of any marsupial is called a joey (as you may have correctly guessed for the question about the baby kangaroo). So did you know that koalas are marsupials too? Now you do!

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baby hares
A baby hare is called a:

Baby rabbits are called kittens, or kits for short. But hares are a different genus, and so their young have a different name. A young hare that is less than a year old is called a leveret, or the diminutive version of the Norman French word for hare, levre. So leverete literally means "young hare" or "small hare."

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baby sea otter
A baby sea otter is called a:

Wouldn't fluffbucket be a perfect name for these little guys?! But no, a sea otter baby is called a pup.

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A baby camel is called a:

"Calf" is used for quite a few species, especially large mammals like camels. Species of cattle, elk and moose, as well as elephants, walruses and even dolphins and whales all have young that are referred to as calves. So, if it's a large mammal, odds are good that you can correctly call its young a calf.

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A baby alpaca is called a:

You might have leaned toward "calf" after reading the answer to the last question, but we threw you a curveball. A baby alpaca (as well as baby llama, vicuña and guanaco) is called a cria, the Spanish word for "baby."

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bear cubs
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A baby bear is called a:

Baby bears are called cubs, as are the young of many large predatory animals, such as the big cat species.

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baby peafowl
A baby peafowl is called a:

Chickens are called cocks, hens and chicks, but peafowl are a bit different. Along with the added flare of their colorful feathers, they get the added "pea" in front of everything. Thus males are peacocks, females are peahens, and babies are peachicks.