What do you know about sheep?

Herd of sheep against a blue sky with clouds
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Sheep provide us with meat, clothing and even scientific illumination, but how much do you know about them? Find out with this quiz.

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The first cloned sheep
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In 1995, a sheep was the first mammal to be cloned. What was this sheep's name?

Named for Dolly Parton, Dolly the sheep was cloned on July 5, 1996, and she was euthanized on Feb. 14, 2003. Four sheep cloned from Dolly are hale and hearty as of July 2016.

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A woolly sheep
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Identify this sheep. (Hint: Its name appears on many sweaters.)

It's a merino sheep. Merino wool is prized for its breathability and ability to retain warmth even when wet.

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Illustration of sheep jumping over a fence
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We're often told to count sheep if we want to fall asleep. Why does this sometimes work?

A 2002 study published in the journal of Behaviour Research and Therapy found that "imagery distraction" helped to keep people from fixating on negative thoughts or worries that might otherwise keep them awake at night. So while sheep work, you could also borrow from Cervantes and count goats instead.

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Manx Loaghtan in a fenced-in area
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What is the name of this sheep with horns?

The Manx Loaghtan is native to the Isle of Man in the U.K., and it's recognizable for its four horns (though some of the sheep can have six). In 1943, the sheep's population was struggling, with only around 40 of the Manx in existence. The population has recovered somewhat, but the Rare Breeds Survival Trust keeps a close eye on the Manx Loaghtan.

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A line of sheep in a pasture
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Aside from flock and herd, what's another name for a large group of sheep?

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The Golden Fleece in Greek mythology
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Which hero of Greek mythology was charged with obtaining the Golden Fleece?

Jason and his band of Argonauts retrieved the Golden Fleece at the behest of King Pelias, who told Jason that he could assume his rightful place on the throne of Ioclus with the fleece.

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Sheep graze on the White House lawn
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During which president's administration were sheep a sight on the White House lawn?

Sheep arrived on the lawn in 1918, thanks to Woodrow Wilson. The sheep were a sign of the Wilson family's supporting the war effort, and the animals' wool yielded almost $53,000 for the Red Cross. However, the sheep also devoured the White House lawn in short order and didn't much care for the increasing number of cars zipping through D.C. By 1920, the sheep were removed.

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A ceramic sheet against a red background
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According to the Chinese zodiac, when is the next year of the sheep?

The next year of the sheep is in 2027. The sheep is associated with auspiciousness in the Chinese zodiac. The year of the sheep is sometimes translated as the year of the goat, but regardless of which animal you prefer, the prosperity associated with it remains.

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A collage of asiago, cheddar, gorganzola, and feta cheeses
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Sheep's milk is used to produce a variety of cheeses. Which of these well-known and beloved cheese predominately uses sheep's milk?

Feta cheese is made with mostly sheep's milk. Goat's milk may round it out in some cases, but if you want authentic feta, look for sheep's milk on the label.

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Sheep on a farm pasture
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Which country declared Feb. 15 to be National Lamb Day?

New Zeland declared Feb. 15 to be National Lamb Day in 2007. At the time, the country had 4 million human inhabitants and 60 million sheep.

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Chris the sheep
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This is Chris the sheep. He likely escaped the shears for about six years, and his lack of trimming resulted in this mammoth coat. How much did his coat weigh once it was removed?

Chris the sheep had grown a whopping 89 pounds of wool during his time in the wilderness. (Without his coat, Chris only weighed 97 pounds.) The coat set a world record for its weight. As the Washington Post noted, sheep should shed their coats on their own, but due to human breeding practices and the demand for wool, sheep now keep growing wool all year.

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A flock of sheep close together
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A 2001 study demonstrated that sheep can remember the faces of individual sheep for over two years. How many faces can sheep store in their memories?

Sheep can remember up to 50 faces over the course of two years. Even if the sheep do not see the face for a prolonged period, if it's within 600 days, the sheep is very likely to recognize and respond to a remembered face.

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A ram in a green valley
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Baby sheep are called lambs. Adult female sheep are called ewes. Adult male sheep are called rams. What is a castrated male called?

It's a wether. Farmers will castrate males to make the rams more docile or to keep the wethers with ewes to minimize paddock space.

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Herd of sheep against a blue sky with clouds
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