Which celebrity is this species named after?

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Sometimes scientists infuse some pop culture into their species names. Can you match the celeb to the critter?

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A ground beetle, Carabus granulatus, crawls over moss.
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The beetle species Agra liv was named after this actor, because "The existence of this species... is dependent upon the rainforest not undergoing an Armageddon.”

It's a fairly big stretch for the reasoning behind the name, but we'll just roll with it since Liv is awesome.

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President Obama smiles from behind a podium.
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Which species is not named after President Obama?

President Obama does have a bird species named after him, but it's a small bird from western Amazonia. No matter how patriotic a scientist is, an eagle species named Obamai presidente would still be over the top!

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President Barack Obama with family
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Who beats President Obama for most species named after him?

President Obama has a lot of species named after him (six so far), but he doesn't come close to the king of nature documentaries, Sir David Attenborough, who has an impressive 11 species named after him.

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A species of carabid beetle.
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Because this beetle has "markedly developed middle femora" or biceps, it was named after:

The beetle Agra schwarzeneggeri earned its name for its bulky "biceps," which reminded the scientist of the particularly pumped-up muscle man and movie star.

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Bono, the lead singer of the music band U2.
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This spider species is named after Bono because:

Aptostichus bonoi
 is named as a head-nod to the 1987 album "Joshua Tree."

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Because it is found in California's agricultural Central Valley, this spider species is named after which famous photographer?

Aptostichus dorothealangeae is named after photographer Dorothea Lange, who is famous for her portraiture of working-class people, particularly the "Migrant Mother" photograph taken in California during the Dust Bowl.

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Campsicnemus curvipes, Wollenberg, Hesse, Germany.
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This fly species is named after a famous comedian because of the way it folds its legs when it dies. (Seriously.)

It's perhaps one of the strangest reasons to name a species, but there you have it. When Campsicnemus charliechaplini dies, it folds its middle legs in a way that reminded the scientist of Charlie Chaplin's famously bowed legs.

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Time to check your Latin skills. Funkotriplogynium iagobadius is named after:

Iago is Latin for James and badius is Latin for brown. Thus, this mite species is named after a founding father of funk. Its common name is James Brown the King of Funk Mite. No joke.

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Herman Melville, the famous author.
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The species Livyatan melvillei was named after Herman Melville. It's a species of:

Melville is the author of "Moby Dick," the story of a ship captain chasing a white whale.

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Drawings of various species of jellyfish.
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The jellyfish Phialella zappai was named after:

The biologist Ferdinando Boero named the species after Zappa in hopes of meeting the musician. Zappa replied, "There is nothing I'd like better than having a jellyfish named after me." The plan worked, and Boero got to meet Zappa.

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A portrait of Frank Zappa from 1977.
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Boero wasn't the only biologist to honor Frank Zappa. How many species are named after him?

Frank Zappa has a total of six species named after him, including the aforementioned jellyfish, a bacterium, a rodent, a fish, a snail and a spider that had a marking on its belly that looks like the musician's iconic mustache.

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The horsefly species Scaptia Beyonceae.
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This horse fly species was named after a famous performer "because of its striking golden behind." The performer is:

Scaptia beyonceae is a horsefly that somewhat resembles a bumble bee and sports a shapely rear end -- one that was attention-grabbing enough to remind scientist Bryan Lessard of the Queen Bee herself.

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Elvis Presley dances in a publicity photo.
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Which celebrity is the inspiration for the wasp Preseucoela imallshookupis?

The species honors Presley in two ways, with the genus name incorporating "Presley" and the specific name representing one of the singer's greatest hits, "All Shook Up." It's practically impossible to say this species without doing an Elvis impression.

Elvis Presley dances in a publicity photo. Elvis Presley dances in a publicity photo. (Photo: r Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc./Wikipedia)

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