By Madeline Breen for The Nature Conservancy

The hairy Movember craze is hitting the animal world! While men are proudly growing moustaches this November in support of men’s health (some growers more successful than others), we’ve spotted quite a few animals working on their ‘staches, as well.

The Nature Conservancy works across the world to help protect the habitat that many of these species need to survive — because we wouldn’t want you to live in a world without beautiful faces like theirs.

Here are 10 animals that are working on their moustache growth this month. Which one is your favorite?

1) Tamarin monkey

Tamarin monkey

Photo: CrazyCh3m/Flickr

2) Inca tern

Inca tern

Photo: James Zeschke/Flickr

3) Bobcat


Photo: Kent Mason

4) Wolf


Photo: Kamia the Wolf/Flickr

5) Ant


Photo: jurvetson/Flickr

6) Bearded barbet

Bearded barbet

Photo:  Leszek.Leszczynski/Flickr

7) Harp seal

Harp seal

Photo: Janet Haas

8) Walrus


Photo: Lucie Provencher/Flickr

9) Northern saw-whet owl

Northern saw-whet owl

Photo: Megan Lorenz

10) Catfish


Photo: Elma/Flickr

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This story was originally written for The Nature Conservancy and was republished with permission here.
10 animals with moustaches
Movember's just not for humans any more!