1. Veggie Love television ad

Deemed too hot for the Super Bowl, this pro-vegetarian ad features Victoria’s Secret-style models itching for some veggie-inspired love. Why? Because studies show that vegetarians have better sex, according to PETA. Unfortunately, NBC wasn’t buying it. The network nixed the ad on the grounds that the video depicted “a level of sexuality exceeding our standards” with images such as a woman rubbing her pelvic region with a pumpkin and another suggestively licking an eggplant.

2. Meet your Meat television ad

This powerful television ad exposes the kinds of cruelty that occur all too often when animals are killed for food, and no doubt gave many meat eaters pause the next time they bit into a juicy burger. It features the lives and deaths of cows, chickens and pigs that are carelessly handled in massive feeding operations and killed in slaughterhouses. This video is hard to watch, but extremely eye-opening — a classic PETA trademark.

3. KFC Sinister television ad series

Inspired by true events, this horrifying television series is a re-enactment of discoveries made during a 2004 PETA investigation into a KFC-supplying slaughterhouse in West Virginia. There, PETA caught workers stomping, kicking and slamming live chickens into the walls, twisting their heads off and spitting tobacco in their faces. Worse yet, the facility was once named a KFC supplier of the year. Despite the investigation being broadcast widely by television stations worldwide, three national evening news shows, all the cable news networks and even "Good Morning America", KFC has not taken many steps to eliminate these abuses, prompting the fried chicken company’s own animal welfare advisers to resign in frustration. Here's another video in the series: Crack House

4. Milk Gone Wild television ad

An obvious play on "Girls Gone Wild", this PETA television ad takes the flashing girls video series to a new extreme by showcasing women lifting their shirts and exposing cow udders — effectively making the point that just as women are used for the gratification of men in "Girls Gone Wild",cows are used for their milk. The concept of girls with udders also brings attention to another shocker — how the industrial milk industry works — exhausted and sickly dairy cows are repeatedly impregnated and young calves are ripped from their mothers’ sides, so that we’ve “got milk.”

5. Wrong Meeting television ad

PETA’s television ad comparing American Kennel Club members to the Ku Klux Klan raised some eyebrows, but it raises some interesting similarities between the two groups, such as both organizations’ obsession with keeping the bloodline pure, labeling “mixed breeds” as inferior and creating a dominant “master race” of beings. The ad also raises the thought-provoking question, “Are race and pedigree two different things?” PETA obviously doesn’t think so, arguing that it’s “just all semantics.”