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Shark vs. albatross 

These baby albatrosses are faced with the challenge of making their first flight, something made all the more perilous by the fact that if they don't stick the liftoff, they splash down in waters thick with tiger sharks. Sometime they get out for another try, sometimes they don't. 

Lions vs. hyenas 

Your average lion would have little trouble dispatching your average hyena, but as soon as the numbers tilt over in favor of the hyenas, the advantage quickly falls their way. These lions didn't have much time to enjoy the spoils of their hunt before facing the full force of the cackling hyena horde.

Crocs vs. dead hippo 

Crocodiles are one of nature’s cleaners. When large animals die, crocodiles will step in (or swim in as it may be) and quickly work it down to bones and random bits of gristle. It didn't take long for a gaggle of crocs to naturally recycle a large dead hippo.

Live hippo vs. crocodile 

In this video, the hippo gains the upper hand on the crocodile. Live hippos are massive animals with powerful jaws studded with arm-sized tusks. The hippo in this video doesn't take kindly to the crocodile being in his space and delivers him a sharp chomp to show it.

Buffalo gets in a good shot vs. pride of lions 

This video ends badly for both the buffalo and one of the lions who receives the business end of a sharp and angry tossed horn. A life on the savannah is not an easy one.

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