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Tiger vs. man on elephant 

So there's a tiger who's been attacking local villagers. You're asked to help flush it out to stop the attacks. You're riding on your trusty elephant, walking through the fields, when OH MY BLEEPING BLEEP ARHHGHGHLGLLL... Not that I really needed it, but this video cemented my firm resolve to never going on a tiger hunt.

Cat vs. cop 

OK, so technically this isn't animal vs. animal, but it's worth watching. Think of this way: the tiny cat has the heart of a lion and the kindly police officer has the heart of a black lab. The officer kept his cool while writing up a ticket in Texas. The friendly little black cat used the police officer as his personal jungle gym, and the cop barely flinched from finishing up the traffic stop. I wonder if that cat is the same one in this video.

Mother cougar vs. grizzly bear

There are few creatures in nature more fearsome than a mother cougar protecting her cubs. Fortunately for us, one of the few creatures rivaling the cougar is the grizzly bear. This is what happens when these two awesome worlds of ferocity collide.

Polar bear vs. walrus 

Hunting is messy. Nowhere is that truth more stark than arctic environments where the white background really makes blood pop off the page. The polar bears take it even further with their white fur, and when they get nose deep in an animal’s entrails they can really spray the gore around. This video shows the cold hard reality that is life in the wild.

Polar bear vs. walrus 2 

Figuring a land based attack would only send its prey into the sea, this polar bear opts for an approach by sea and is rewarded with a tasty dinner of baby walrus.

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