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Monkey vs. dog 

Monkey: Ha ha ha ha, stupid dog.

Dog: Bark bark bark quit it!

Monkey: Ha ha ha, whatcha gonna do fleabag?

Dog: Bark bark bark quit it!!

Monkey: Ho ha!!! I own you dog, I am your master.

Dog: You. Damn. Dirty. Ape.

Spider vs. fire ants  

At first I felt bad for the spider that these bored American soldiers drop into a pit of fire ants. That didn't last long as the spider goes on to show why he more than earns the name "Chomper." This is insect battle porn of the highest caliber!

Woodpecker vs. snake

Some eco-touring tourists in Brazil's Amazon got more than they bargained for when they happened upon this epic battle between an egg-thieving snake and a distraught, mad-as-all-hell mother woodpecker.

Centipede vs. snake 

Insects grow LARGE in Malaysia. This centipede in Penang handily dispatched a large snake, swarming it in an all-embracing hug before finishing it off with its sharp jaws.

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