A hyperactive pollen season may be to blame for the swarm of about four pounds of bees that took over a tree in New York City's Upper West Side on Memorial Day. As crowds gathered beneath the huge buzzing cloud of bees on West 72nd Street, Det. Anthony Planakis of the NYPD (who also happens to be a resident beekeeper) calmed the storm by shaking the branch and transferring most the most bees to a vented box. 

The bees, including the queen, have been relocated to another hive. Some bees that were left behind will eventually return to their previous hive. Though the swarm caused a stir, this is a natural occurrence — and not even the first one this season. It is usually brought on by high pollen levels.  

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20,000 bees cause a stir in the Big Apple
In this incredible video, a swarm of about 20,000 bees gathers around a tree in the Upper West Side of New York City.