Winter's for the birds — literally. In these live video streams, birds prove that nothing can keep them down as they hop from branch to branch, cozy up with chicks in their nests and chirp in a feeding frenzy.

An eaglet has already made its debut at Berry College! This feed shows the Berry Eagle Nest Cam, boasting great close-up shots of the little darling. You can see the eagles fly to and from the nest with the Berry Eagle Approach Cam. Be sure to tune in towards the end of April, too, as the eaglets fledge.

For a beautiful, snowy view, check out the Ontario FeederWatch. Located in Manitouwadge, Ontario, this feed contributes to Project FeederWatch's bird-tracking data. Commonly seen species include redpolls, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, chickadees and gray jays.

If you're more interested in seeing birds in their nests, now is the time to peek in at the great horned owls. The video above is a live stream from a second-story ledge in Oklahoma City featuring Mr. and Mrs. Tiger and their sweet chicks. Beware: you may end up spending hours watching this feed! Another great feed to keep an eye on in the coming weeks is Ms. Harvey the Great Horned Owl, who recently laid her eggs on Jan. 30, Feb. 3 and Feb. 7.

Another lovely seasonal backdrop can be found in the Cornell Lab FeederWatch, which features a duck-filled pond in the background as goldfinches, blackbirds, chickadees, finches, woodpeckers (and more!) hop around feeders in the foreground. The snow-dusted banks of the pond are visible through the bare trees, which offer a clear view during the winter months.

For a close-up view of some very funny and active birds, Animal Planet Live's Wild Bird Cam in northern Virginia is a sure bet. Even if birds aren't directly in front of the camera, there is usually something going on in the trees. "If you look closely enough, you often find woodpeckers chowing down on the vertical feeders in the background," the website reads.

The Sabal Palm Sanctuary in sunny Brownsville, Texas, is brimming with life. Feel free to reminisce of summer days while you watch colorful species of birds chirp about in the dappled sunlight.

Some bird cams are promising, but not yet as engrossing as the ones above. For an egg-to-fledgling experience, visit hooded merganser feed, which has been graced with 13 eggs that will hatch anywhere from 28 to 35 days from now. Also be sure to check the eagle feeds from the Raptor Research Project in the coming weeks, as the eagles are expected to lay their eggs in mid-February.

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