A luxury airport terminal that features a swimming pool, massage therapists and climate-controlled suites with flat-screen TVs is under construction at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport — but it’s for animals only.

The $48 million, 178,000-square-foot terminal is named the ARK after Noah’s biblical vessel, and it’s being built at the former site of a cargo building that’s been vacant for nearly a decade.

“With demand for pets and animals of all kinds transported by air escalating year on year, we recognized the need for a more humane and efficient model for this significant segment of the air-travel industry,” Dr.Aaron Perl, managing director of The ARK, said in a news release.

The ARK will function as both a shelter and quarantine facility for any animal that’s being transported, and it’s designed to make all members of the animal kingdom as comfortable as possible.

Man’s best friend can enjoy a 20,000-square-foot doggy resort where he or she can lounge in a personal suite, splash in a bone-shaped pool or get a massage or “pawdicure” in the color of choice.

Cats will also have their very own space, complete with trees to climb, and horses, cows and other livestock will have temporary homes in hay-lined, climate-controlled stalls with showers.

There’s even special space to provide privacy for mating penguins.

All the animals will be provided with 24-hour veterinary care from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Most of the animals that enter the United States do so through JFK, and more than 70,000 animals are expected to fly in and out of the ARK when it opens next year.

Animals that need to be quarantined can do so comfortably at the ARK, and those that travel as cargo — such as large dogs that can’t fly in the cabin — will remain in the animals-only terminal until their owners pick them up.

Fees for housing animals at the facility have yet to be determined, but the luxury dog suites could top $100 a night.

Take a look at the photos below to get a better idea of what the ARK's design.

ARK reception areaARK reception area (Photo: The ARK Development, LLC)

ARK export staging areaARK export staging area (Photo: The ARK Development, LLC)

ARK export stallsARK export stalls (Photo: The ARK Development, LLC)

Temple Grandin designed livestock handling systemTemple Grandin-designed livestock handling system (Photo: The ARK Development, LLC)

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