Meerkats are some of the most charismatic animals on the African savannah. With their inquisitive personality and humorous antics, they're a lot of fun to photograph. Will Burrard-Lucas, creator of the BeetleCam and BeetleCopter, got up close with this family of meerkats and a whole lot of cute happened, as this video and the following images show. It's especially cute when the baby meerkats explore the camera for themselves. When I wondered aloud to Will how he managed to get shots without making "squee" noises, he replied, "Lots of practice."

meerkat family

meerkats with camera

watchful meerkats

meerkat perched on camera

meerkats on photographer

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Baby meerkats pose for the camera, take their own photos
Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas gets up close for cute photos with this wild meerkat family.