With neonicotinoid pesticides being heavily implicated in the spread of colony collapse disorder — not to mention being directly linked to the deaths of thousands of bumblebees in Portland — it's little wonder that many people have favored caution when it comes to protecting our pollinators.

A leading British home improvement chain, for example, is phasing out the sale of neonicotinoids, and the European Commission has voted for a two-year moratorium on neonicotinoid use on crops pollinated by bees

But the pesticide makers are fighting back. Both Bayer CropSciences and Syngenta have unleashed lawsuits against the European Commission, claiming that its precautionary moratorium is excessive and unjustified. Bee advocates, on the other hand, are rallying the troops with an online petition to uphold the ban:

The EU banned these bee-killers this past May, after a massive public campaign and a clear scientific finding from the European Food Safety Authority that neonics pose huge risks to bee populations. Bayer fought against the ban every step of the way, using tactics taken from Big Tobacco — pouring millions into lobbying and fake science to stop decision-makers from taking action. Now, we have to defend this landmark ban for the bees, and our food supply. Sign the petition now to tell Bayer and Syngenta to drop their aggressive lawsuits!
The petition has garnered some 195,000 signatures to date, with a target of 200,000. It remains to be seen whether the pesticide industry will take note, but it's fair to say that the world is watching closely. 

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