That's a lot of bees

Beekeeper Lu Kongjiang, 20, waves to spectators as hundreds of thousands of bees begin to envelop his body during a bee bearding contest against 42-year-old Wang Dalin, also a beekeeper, in Shaoyang City, central China's Hunan Province. One hour and 59 pounds of bees later, Dalin was declared the winner. Kongjiang took home the silver medal with 50 pounds. (Photo: Lu Jianshe/Xinhua/ZUMA Press)

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Bee bearding
Lu Kongjiang is covered from head to toe in bees as part of bee bearding contest in Shaoyang City, China. Bee bearding, dating back to 1830s carnivals, has become increasingly more and more competitive over the years. In 1998, American animal trainer Mark Biancaniello established the current world record for the "most pounds of bees worn on the body" with 87 pounds. (Photo: Lu Jianshe/Xinhua/ZUMA Press)

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Spectators watch as hundreds of thousands of bees envelope the bodies of two beekeepers during a bee bearding contest.