Sheep farmer Blasius Lavrentiev was originally horrified when he saw what one of his ewes had birthed: a baby lamb with a face that looks like an "angry old man with a big nose." But his shock soon transformed into delight when he realized his bizarre lamb could be worth up to 10 times the normal price, reports the Irish Mirror.

The news is also good for the lamb, which will be saved from slaughter due to its anthropomorphic face. Instead she'll be headed to the circus. 

The lamb does look disturbingly like a cranky grandpa. Its eyes and mouth are eerily human, with a large nose that gives it a cartoonish angry expression. The cause of the animal's deformities are not due to an aberrant farmer getting a little too cozy with one of his ewes, as some jokesters may suggest. Rather, they are likely the cause of a Vitamin A overdose, at least according to local veterinarian Dorofei Gavrilov, who is also from the village of Chirka in southwestern Russia where the lamb was born.

"I’ve seen some weird stuff in my time, but nothing like this," said neighbor Dementi Galkin. "She looks like an angry old man with a big nose."

Another neighbor, Dana Mishina, attested that the lamb is anything but angry and cranky, despite its face: "She is both freaky and sweet. I don’t know what to make of it really. But she terrifies my grandchildren. It will be interesting to see what she looks like when she gets older."

By all appearances, the lamb's deformed face does not appear to be a health concern. It seems to be acting like any other baby lamb, and should be able to live a full lamb life. 

"Whatever has caused it she’s a little beauty and I definitely won’t be selling her for anyone’s dinner table either as the buyers want her on display," said proud owner Lavrentiev. "She’ll be staying with us until then."

You can view a video of the oddball lamb here:

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Bizarre lamb with human-like face born in Russia
With a face 'like an angry old man,' the lamb will likely be headed straight to the circus, saved from slaughter.