Meet Megalopyge opercularis, sometimes called the puss caterpillar, asp, woolly slug, or opossum bug. And lately, some have taken to calling it the Trumpapillar due to its striking resemblance to the hair style of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The resemblance is so uncanny that some have wondered aloud if Trump harvests his toupees from this lushly-adorned Peruvian moth larva.

"I was putting on my boots, and someone said, 'Hey, check out this caterpillar hanging out,'" said wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer, who recently captured photos of the creature, to Seeker. "Sure enough, it was Donald Trump's hair hanging on a branch."

The creature is typically referred to as an "ovejillo" by locals, which means "little sheep" in Spanish. They grow to about an inch long, and their luxuriant locks, which are actually hair-like setae, generously coat their exterior. Bizarrely, they appear to have a Trump-like part, which gives them that characteristic "bad hair day" or combover look.

Though amusing to observe, you'll want to avoid coming into direct contact with the caterpillar's charismatic mane. The hairs conceal venomous spines that inject toxins that can cause excruciatingly painful reactions. Some have likened the stings to blunt force trauma, and they can cause burning, swelling, nausea, headache, abdominal distress, rashes, blisters, and even chest pain, numbness, or difficulty breathing. Sweaty welts or hives can form at the point of contact.

After they cocoon, the caterpillars emerge as furry moths with colors ranging from dull orange to lemon yellow, with hairy legs and fuzzy black feet.

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This blonde hairy caterpillar looks like Donald Trump's hair
The fluffy caterpillar stage of Megalopyge opercularis may bring to mind the hairstyle of the presidential nominee.