Sometimes, animals get a little carried away with cameras. We humans do love to get up close and personal with our subjects, and every so often that means the subject gets up close and personal with us, too. That includes this octopus, who took a dislike to a photographer getting too close with his flash bulbs, and made an attempt to take it away. 

"While photographing some marine life on the Point Lobos State National Reserve, divers Warren Murray and David Malvestuto almost lost a whole underwater video rig to a Pacific octopus who was either curious or very anti-paparazzi," writes PetaPixel.

I'm going with anti-paparazzi on this one, especially as it seems that flashing it repeatedly was the only strategy to get it to let go. I'd be a little peeved too if some stranger got that close to me with flashing lights when I'm busy trying to look like a rock. What do you think: Is this octopus curious about the camera, or telling the photographer to knock it off?

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Camera-shy octopus tries to steal diver's rig
When a big Pacific octopus goes after your camera, do you hang on or let go and back away? Here's what this diver decided to do.