Well, thank goodness for video cameras.

While they’ve long been used to nab bumbling burglars of the human variety, video cameras — and cellphones — also come in mighty handy when staking out furry or feathered bandits who can’t be bothered to don a balaclava and a sensible pair of getaway shoes.

In the name of crime prevention, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite thieving animal videos that capture a motley crew of wild and domestic critters swiping, both discreetly and rather blatantly, an eclectic assortment of swag: thongs, baguettes, infants, heads of cabbage, Tangy Cheese Doritos ... even entire dumpsters.

Have you captured your pet — or a wild interloper — making off with stolen goods?

There’s nothing as rewarding as vigorously rooting through a trash bin for a gratis meal — just ask those Freegans loitering around your local Trader Joe’s at two in the morning. However, when security cameras are involved, even the most intrepid dumpster diver can be rendered a bit self-conscious. This crafty bear has the right idea — instead of rummaging for discarded grub in the middle of an under-surveillance parking lot, he just takes the entire dumpster with him.

Of course we included Maymo on this list. When he’s not busy pushing his sister around in a shopping card, frolicking with citrus fruit, attempting to eat windshield wipers, running in terror from Richard Simmons and being publically shamed, this adorably impish lemon beagle with a penchant for drag spends his days pilfering heads of cabbage from countertops.

"Honey, you don’t happen to know where the trash bags went, do you? Did you move them out of the pantry again? They seem to keep on disappearing."

"Oh for chrissakes, Roger, don’t blame me. Blame the ferret."

The Internet is positively lousy with videos of raccoons stealing stuff – cat food, golf balls, Halloween candy, doormats, birthday cake … you name it. We’re particularly fond of this one in which a trio of shameless and rather vocal little bandits are caught red sauce-handed. (It’s Papa John’s, btw).

And now, we present a super-determined tabby rug-snatcher. Perhaps the best part of this video is what’s left to the imagination — specifically, the thieving feline’s expression once she successfully drags the rug under the bottom of the door. We’d like to think it’s something like this.

Before you go and have yourself a minor panic attack, we should probably point out that this video of a golden eagle swooping in and snatching a baby in a Canadian park has been verified as a fake (courtesy of three students at Centre NAD, an animation and design school in Montreal). But when the rather terrifying video — well hello, every parents’ new worst nightmare — first went viral in December 2012, the Internet collectively believed it to be authentic and it wasn’t until a short time later that it was exposed as hoax.

Meet Denis, a klepto kitty from Bedfordshire, U.K., whose penchant for making off with an assortment of random household and clothing items sourced from around the neighborhood — T-shirts, towels, trousers, takeout menus and enough mismatched socks to stock the hosiery department of Marks & Spencer — and dutifully bringing them home to his mistress has earned him international feline infamy. Here’s Denis returning home with one of his more risqué pieces of plunder: ladies thong underwear.

Wide load, coming through! This adorable munchkin with a taste for fresh baguettes (and Cheez-Its and Frappuccinos, apparently) proves that pilfered goods aren’t always cooperative in the size department.

Seagulls are notorious and indiscriminate thieves that will swoop in to lift pretty much anything that whets their appetite (this author can tell you from personal experience that they love fried halibut dinners). And then there’s Sam, a Scottish seagull whose shoplifting streak captivated a nation. Suffering from an apparent case of the chronic munchies, Sam repeatedly (more than 20 times in a matter of weeks) sauntered into an Aberdeen convenience store and made off with bags of Doritos … always Tangy Cheese Doritos. (Hey, he’s a seagull who knows what he likes.)

And last but not least, a word of advice to those visiting monkey-heavy areas of China: Guard your handbag with your life.

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Caught in the act: 10 videos of thieving critters
In the name of crime prevention, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite thieving animal videos.