In a bizarre attempt to honor the Year of the Rabbit and educate the public, an aquarium in Seoul has hosted a reenactment of Aesop's classic tale, "The Tortoise and the Hare."

The strange, surprisingly entertaining event in South Korea featured a sea turtle instead of a tortoise and a diver dressed up in what appears to be rabbit pajamas, to play the part of the hare.

Aesop's classic fable tells of a supposedly uneven race between a speedy hare and a slow tortoise. The hare, overconfident in his ability to whiz past the tortoise, takes an untimely nap halfway through the race, which allows the tortoise to overtake him. The moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race, and that it takes a full effort to win no matter who your competitor is.

For the reenactment, the turtle is lured using food attached to the end of a stick. True to form, the oblivious animal was in no hurry to finish the race. Meanwhile, though the diver does not take any naps, he does nevertheless perform a dance worthy of the costume.

As the video embedded above shows, the event was performed without a hitch, with one exception: the hare appears to have accidentally won the race. Though perhaps that's a forgivable misstep in a year symbolized by the rabbit.

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Diver wearing rabbit costume races a sea turtle
Korean aquarium honors the Year of the Rabbit by reenacting Aesop's classic tale, 'The Tortoise and the Hare.'