Gary DeNicola was just trying to do the right thing, rescuing a small red dog from a busy intersection. The commercial real estate executive isn’t exactly an animal rights activist, but he just couldn’t bear to drive by and leave her to die.

He brought the starving, emaciated dog back to his Atlanta home to give her some food and water, keeping her separate from his own 12-year-old Cairn terrier mix.

DeNicola decided that he would drop her off at an animal rescue shelter the following morning, but Ruby – as she would eventually be named – had other plans.

That night, she hunkered down in DeNicola’s garden bed and gave birth to a whopping litter of nine black-and-tan puppies. Realizing he was suddenly responsible for 11 dogs, DeNicola called area shelters only to find that they were all at full capacity.

"And one shelter wouldn't take the newborn pups until they were vaccinated," he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I realized -- they are mine."

Activist or not, DeNicola stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for the puppies and is raising them in his basement until he can find qualified, permanent homes. Now 6 weeks old, the puppies have gotten their shots and a home has been found for Ruby. 

Dog rescued in roadway multiplies by 10
Atlanta man got more than he bargained for after the dog he rescued in traffic gave birth to 9 puppies.