A dozen baby ducklings might have met the same cruel fate as their mother if one Wisconsin woman hadn’t risked her own neck to save them. The woman, whose name wasn’t released, stopped her car and darted into the road to gather the ducklings after the driver in front of her hit and killed their mother, according to CBS News.

The ducklings were delayed, trying to conquer a curb and follow their mother across Milwaukee’s Highway 100 to water. After she was hit, the ducklings seemed confused, according to the woman who saved them.

“The woman who brought the ducklings in was shocked to watch a driver seemingly run down the poor mother on purpose,” said Angela Speed, director of community relations and development at Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS). “But there are definitely compassionate people out there, just like her, who helped gather the ducklings to bring them to safety at WHS.”

Two men helped the duck hero pile the babies — which were likely just hatched that morning — into her car. But an hour later, she got another fuzzy surprise.

Investigating a peeping sound that seemed to be coming from under her dashboard, the woman discovered a stowaway. The errant duckling was reunited with its siblings a short time later.

They may be orphans, but these Mallard hatchlings are going to be fine. The Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center plans to raise them until they’re ready to fly in about six weeks.

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Ducklings saved after mother killed by hit-and-run driver
Wisconsin woman rescued a dozen ducklings from a dangerous road after another driver hit and killed their mother.