Leave it to a curious raptor to get impressive aerial footage for a nature program.

John Dowder and his team of filmmakers behind a BBC nature show hid a camera in an egg to get insider footage of a penguin colony. But they ended up getting much more than planned when they placed it near a colony on the Falkland Islands.

A striated caracara, a raptor species in the falcon family, liked the look of the abandoned egg and, after investigating, decided to pick it up and fly off with it — at just the right angle! The camera captured the penguin colony and an albatross colony as the bird of prey soared over them, creating some impressive footage. After that, a couple of turkey vultures checked out the egg-cam and ended up rolling it into a few really peeved penguins. All in all, I'd say project penguin egg cam was a success!

This is just one of 50 spycams deployed for Penguins: Spy in the Huddle, which has captured some truly fascinating footage.

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Falcon steals camera, takes impressive footage of penguin colony
If you want to create insider footage for a nature show, leave the filming to the birds.