A 16-foot great white shark nicknamed Mary Lee has been making waves along the coast of New York. In 2012, the 3,500-pound female was tagged with a satellite tracker so that researchers could follow her movements, and earlier this week she sent up a ping placing her just off the coast near Long Island's Jones Beach.

This isn't the first time the shark has been in the area. In fact, she was tagged in Cape Cod, so she's quite familiar with the waters off the East Coast.

According to LiveScience, "Mary Lee is constantly on the go, traveling up and down the Eastern seaboard of the United States, from Florida to Massachusetts. She even visited Bermuda in 2013. The shark swam about 19,774 miles (31,823 kilometers) since her tagging, a distance equal to driving back and forth across the continental United States almost six times."

Researchers from OCEARCH hope that by following Mary Lee, they can discover clues about great white shark movement, including whether or not their travel routes change according to season, and where they go to mate and have pups. Mary Lee's age is estimated to be between 20-40 years old, a mature female of reproductive age, making her the perfect age of shark to follow to understand more about the species' lifecycle.

Mary Lee didn't stick around New York for long. Her latest ping put her off the coast of New Jersey. You can follow her progress (and witty humor) on Twitter by following @MaryLeeShark. You can also follow her movements as well as those of other tagged sharks by using OCEARCH's shark tracker.

Here is a video of the catch and tagging of Mary Lee:

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Great white shark 'Mary Lee' on her way past NYC
This enormous great white shark is giving researchers valuable insight about shark migration, and making waves at every beach-side town she passes.