It's always amazing to watch a hawk in flight going after prey. Even watching in real time, we can admire how gracefully deadly they are. But what if we could watch an attack in super slow motion? Well, Earth Unplugged just handed us all that footage.

Baited with a piece of meat, a goshawk goes after a water balloon in this clip. The footage was obtained in order to show how a goshawk can attack prey in mid-flight. Well, job well done! The video certainly makes us stand back and appreciate how powerful and deadly these raptors are. It also looks just plain amazing. And kind of makes us want to play with super high-speed cameras.

This comes with a reminder: Wildlife and balloons don't mix, so don't go trying this at home. We're sure those filming the raptor made sure the goshawk didn't eat any balloon scraps. And as another note, we agree with PetaPixel which writes, "It’ll certainly make you think twice about walking around your backyard with a steak on your plate at BBQs this summer."

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High-speed footage of hawk attacking water balloon will make your jaw drop
This is what happens when you use a high speed camera to capture footage of a goshawk attacking a waterballoon.