Unless you’re a backyard beekeeper, you likely try to avoid honeybees and their buzzing hives.

But now you can safely get a glimpse inside a hive, thanks to two cameras that explore.org installed in a hollow log in Waal, Germany.

One of the live feeds moves throughout the colony, and viewers can watch the bees as they build combs and produce honey. The second camera focuses on the entrance to the hive, and insects can be seen constantly coming and going.

The bee colony is currently in the process of rebuilding after a hive collapse that was captured on video. It’s thought to be one of the only videos that shows the inside of a collapsing beehive.

The live feeds provide a glimpse of what life is like for the insects, which are threatened by colony collapse disorder. The phenomenon, which doesn’t have a recognizable underlying cause, involves worker bees abruptly disappearing from hives.

U.S. beekeepers estimate that in the past year, 40 percent to 50 percent of the hives needed to pollinate the nation’s produce have been wiped out.

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Honeybee webcam takes you inside a hive
This colony of bees is rebuilding in a hollow log in Germany after the hive collapsed earlier this year.