If you’re an environmentalist, chances are that you carefully think about your carbon footprint. But what if your best friend walks around on four legs, chews on meaty bones, and doesn’t have a problem lifting his leg in public? Earthbark is a new web site addressing both your needs, culminating in environmentally responsible dog ownership!

Earthbark embraces an earth-friendly lifestyle and hopes to serve as a gathering place to inspire pride in one’s pet and one’s environment. One of its main goals is to bring together dog owners to campaign for a more Earth- and pet-friendly planet. It also hopes to raise the public’s awareness of dogs’ impact on our planet. And finally, the site aims to give dog owners the tools and information to reduce their carbon paw print.

Actions proposed by the site are advocating for more community dog-friendly spaces in communities. The EPA reports that 95 percent of the fecal coliform found in urban stormwater was of non-human origin, (in other words, it comes from pets,) so this is an action that makes sense.

Further, dog owners can join the Earthbark Movement and commit to the “Top 10 Actions to Be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner.” They can shop for eco-friendly pet products online that have been tested, researched and rated on their safety, quality and Earth-friendliness

The social media area of the site gives users a chance to meet other eco-dog owners. And users can encourage dog-friendly businesses to display an Earthbark Companion Store Stickers in their storefronts. This sticker lets dog owners know that well-behaved dogs are welcome. 

Dog owners can purchase Earthbark Movement ID Tag to identify themselves and their pets as members of this eco-friendly campaign. 

Ultimately, Earthbark aspires to be a one-stop resource of reliable information on environmentally sound dog ownership. Want to learn more? Stop by Earthbark to check out simple practices to promote the well-being of dog, owner and planet.

Love dogs and the Earth?
New site helps owners reduce their canine companion's carbon paw print.