They say cats have nine lives, but some dogs have all the luck — like one dog in Santiago, Chile, that survived a collision with a car in a most unexpected way. Car Scoop reports that an unidentified man hit the dog on a highway with his Citroen, and — convinced that the dog was a goner — didn't stop to check on the animal, instead driving straight to a repair shop to check on his car.

The car was fine, and amazingly enough, when the mechanics peered ing the grille of the vehicle, they saw a pair of puppy dog eyes staring back at them. The dog apparently became lodged inside the bumper through the grille during the impact.

Video shows the mechanics prying open the bottom of the car and gingerly removing the whining dog, which had suffered a broken leg. The dog was reportedly taken to a vet afterward. Strays are known to wander the streets of Chile, but this dog's harness seems to indicate that it is somebody's pet. No word on whether the dog was reunited with its owner.

This dog isn't the only incredibly lucky animal to survive a crash in such a surprising way. According to The Daily Mail, an extremely wily coyote got trapped inside a car after it was hit at 75 mph near the Nevada-Utah border, but its ride was far more arduous than a 30-minute journey to a mechanic.

After eight hours, 600 miles and two fuel stops, the driver discovered the coyote — shaken up but alive — under the hood of the car. The coyote was removed by an animal rescue worker and ended up back in the wild.