An Australian fisherman climbed inside a gutted tiger shark, put his arms through the gills and pretended to stab it between the eyes for a photo op.

The bizarre image was taken on a trawler two years ago and hung on the wall of a pup at the Metung Hotel, which is located about 200 miles outside Melbourne.

But the picture recently became an Internet hit when it was sent to Australian radio station 3AW, where hosts John Burns and Ross Stevenson named it "photo of the year."

Metung Hotel Manager David Strange said the pub's walls are littered with fishing photos and taxidermic fish, but this particular photo has always elicited a reaction from guests.<</p>

"People's reaction to the photo is fantastic and varied and taken in great humor," he said. "They are amazed and can't believe what they see. The shark was caught by professional shark fisherman and dealt with as part of their normal commercial catch, except for a funny photo."

To learn more about the "photo of the year," listen to the 3AW video below.

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Man climbs inside dead shark for bizarre photo
The picture was taken on a fishing trawler 2 years ago, but recently made headlines when it was sent to an Australian radio show.