Despite the many amazing benefits of living in the country, there are risks. For example, a cow may escape from a nearby farm and wander onto the roof, which abuts a hill. And then it may fall through the roof and land on someone.

Which is what happened to a man in southeastern Brazil.

Joao Maria de Souza, 45, was killed when a large, grazing cow stepped onto his roof and fell through, landing on de Souza who was sleeping in his bed. He was taken to the hospital, but died the following day due to internal bleeding, the BBC reports.

Local reports note that this is the third incident of a cow falling through the roof in the region in the past three years. The area, Caratinga, is in a hilly area of Minas Gerais, a state known for its cattle raising and dairy production. (And now known for its falling cows as well.)

De Souza’s wife, who was beside him when the accident happened, was unharmed. No word on what injuries the cow may have sustained.

The folks at TomoNews were kind enough to create a dramatic reenactment of the scene in the video below.

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