In this dramatic amateur footage presented by Sky News, a mother black bear desperately attempts to free her cub from a fisherman's dipnet while a man delicately maneuvers his truck to aid the rescue.

Initially shocking, the video shows a truck dragging the whimpering, frightened cub across local Alaskan fisherman Dan Havard's yard as the mother bear frantically chases it. It was the only way Havard could think to get the cub away from the tall reeds which were complicating the rescue.

After getting the cub out into the open, the brave mother bear worked anxiously to cut through the netting with her teeth while Havard brought the truck back around in an attempt to flip the net open. The cub's siblings can be seen bewildered in the background as the event takes place.

The mother bear was likely escorting her cubs through a backwoods stream in Alaska when the cub became entangled. Dipnets are fishing nets held open by a large ring and attached to a long pole. The cub may have been playing around with the device when it became ensnared.

Bears are known to vigorously protect their cubs, and most bear attacks on humans occur when hikers accidentally approach and surprise a mother with cubs. Havard was likely wise to remain inside of his vehicle while the rescue took place, as the mother bear may have understandably mistook him for a threat.

Once the net was positioned better, the mother bear was able to pull the crying cub from a hole, grab it in her teeth and make a hasty getaway from Havard's yard. Aside from the frightful learning experience, the cub appears to have escaped unharmed.

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Man teams up with mother bear to rescue cub from net
Amateur video by an Alaskan fisherman shows the dramatic rescue.