A newly discovered species of glass frog looks eerily like a famous green Muppet.

Minnesota researcher Brian Kubicki, creator of the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, found the Kermit the Frog wannabe in the Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica. According to the official announcement on the center's website, this particular glass frog is unique due to its coloring, the sound of its call, and other morphological features — including its Kermit-like eyes.

kermit the frogKubicki said the small, semi-translucent frog "is a good indicator of the general health of the ecosystem."

He named the newly discovered specimen Hyalinobatrachium dianae after his mom, Janet Diane Kubicki.

Glass frogs are very small creatures found in Central and South American rain forests. They typically have a soft, lime green color on top, but their undersides are mostly transparent, showing off a visible heart, liver and intestinal tract. Some researchers think the species has this trait for camouflage. When they are perched on a branch or a leaf, they are difficult to spot.

glass frog that looks like kermit

With the addition of H. dianae, Costa Rica now has 14 types of glass frogs.

The new discovery already has his own Wikipedia page, which points out the creature's similarities to Kermit.

Kubicki doesn't seem to mind the Muppet comparison. He told CBS News: "I think it is great that this species is getting so much attention around the world. Hopefully this will help increase the awareness of the incredible amphibians found in Costa Rica and the need to continue studying them and conserve their vital habitats."

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Newly discovered glass frog looks a lot like Kermit
Muppet-like creature with a see-through belly found hanging out in the jungles of Costa Rica.